10/25/2015 Rod

Parkson Suria KLCC


Parkson Suria KLCC which located in the heart of Malaysia’s glorious city of Kuala Lumpur is one of the most premium stores in Malaysia. It is a fashion lifestyle department store offers a complete shopping experience that combines a line-up of international brands whilst maintaining the choice of variety that suits tastes and styles of discerning shoppers.

One of the largest retail chains in Malaysia, Parkson Suria KLCC has opted to change the premium stores lighting into a spectacular results and credit to Larsen Indoor Light Concept Germany therefore Shoplight Germany PLT was proudly awarded to be the appointed light consultant to deliver high performance, maximum efficiency and high quality illumination.

The Ground Floor has a beautiful nature marble flooring with modern ceiling rendering and warm lighting serve to highlight the merchandise such as comestics, fragrance and watches to give customers high-quality look and feel.
Whilst first floor and second floor with ceramic white flooring installed with warm lighting also intensifies the store brightness by designing the maximum impact on the exhibited merchandise such as apparel, shoes and bags. This creates the right balance of ambience for the shopper.

The store is equipped with the Klick series using the 4th generation LED featured with power lumen package that increases the lux level up to 30% and save 25% energy consumption comparable to CDM-T.

As the results, the store brings out the sophisticated ambience that brilliantly shinning on the products embraces that Parkson Suria KLCC is the Asia’s Trusted & Respected Premium Retail Brand.